Our Property Management Division can promise efficient, courteous and prompt service. Willow Properties is managed by competent personnel with over 30 years in the property management business. Dorothy Zarelli, MPM and John Parker, MPM both hold designations in the National Association of Residential Property Managers. Bekah Hermansen is also a Property Manager. They are active members of the their local chapter and on the national level.

Currently, we represent owners of many single family homes and can devote the necessary time to manage your property. Our Property Management division follows all State of Washington laws concerning security deposit and rental receipt monies. We screen tenants through a recognized screening service. Our services include collecting the rent, paying utilities and bills, disbursements to a designated bank or the owner, drive-bys and inspections to check on the property, accounting statements once a month and full year-end statement, supervision of repairpersons, and other similar services.

Please call us at (253) 581-5199 and we would be happy to come out for an interview and take a look at your home at no charge.

You can also mail John if you want information on managing your home or a question about listing a home for sale.

Or, mail Bekah about a rental home question, or mail Dorothy about a bookkeeping question.

If you are a current owner and are interested in the Direct Deposit for Owners form, download the form here and mail to us.

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